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Lynette Ubel


A lifelong passion for art fueled by a deep sense of creativity.

At the core of Lynette Ubel’s being is a painter. She knew from her earliest days that she was destined to be an artist, so she fostered her creativity in a multitude of mediums and eventually chose a career in graphic design.

Having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The University of Kansas, Lynette worked for the first five years with two different Kansas City-based advertising agencies. Feeling the “artrepreneurial” tug and a need for more creative freedom, she left the agency world in 1989 to form Ubel Design known today as Ubel Arts, LLC.

While Lynette’s 30+ year career has produced a versatile portfolio of award-winning photography and design, it is her calling as an abstract painter that is emerging in full, vibrant fashion today. Her artistic vision now manifests itself in contemporary abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings that feature an expressive style with remarkable depth, motion, and energy.

Every painting springs from her free flowing curiosity, taking viewers on an ever-evolving journey via pathways of color, line, and texture, through layers of atmoshphere. The inspired, ambiguous forms and trails in her paintings comprise a recognizable theme for people to see and interpret what they need to see in that moment in time.

Over the past ten years, Lynette’s art has been shown in numerous galleries, a one-woman museum exhibition, several solo exhibitions and many corporate offices. Her work is currently exhibiting at Strecker Nelson West fine art gallery, select galleries, and corporate exhibition spaces. TV producers placed paintings by Lynette on set for filming of the hit SHOWTIME series,“The Chi” and NBC TV series “Chicago Fire.” She has developed an impressive body of work for galleries and collectors while exploring various techniques and mediums in her studio.


My art is a personal diary of color, form and texture that gives insight to the world as I see and reflect it. I have been gifted with the ability to translate energy and feeling into art that radiates back to the viewer. My work is guided by intuition and emotion, so the color and content of each piece feels as unique as the day on which it was created.

The immediacy, freshness and complexity of abstract acrylic and watercolor has always spoken to me. I paint in an Abstract Expressionist style. For me this means nothing but the color pallette is planned beforehand, and paintings develop in a spontaneous and physical way. I strive for my work to radiate energy that draws viewers in. One collector says, “I don’t know where Lynette’s art is taking me, but I love going along for the visual ride.”

In my acrylic work I start by introducing texture to the canvas with modeling paste and gesso being brushed, dripped, pasted and thrown onto the surface. I read and interpret the developing canvas before bringing in appropriate swaths of color and scrubbing the pigments to reveal rich textures. This process of adding and removing continues as more color, shape and lines emerge, creating multiple layers and depth. My watercolor is an evolution of my acrylic style. There is a fresh  immediacy in this work due to the quick drying nature of watercolor. My watercolors have intense  color with bold marks that reside on the surface of bright white papers. They are UV varnished to hang with or without glass.

I have had the good fortune to travel extensively across the globe, giving me the opportunity of capturing photographic vignettes and feeding my imagination for future expressions on canvas. My work is informed by my design background yet inspired by the beauty I have seen in my travels, the love expressed in my family, and the world from all vantage points. – Lynette Ubel

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