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Ubel Design creates logos and entire brands with creative concepts and superb attention to detail. Inspiring logo designs bring quality brands to life and effectively roll in to all facets of marketing materials. Boiling a brand down to a logo that speaks to the client’s target market is a specialty of Lynette Ubel. As an award-winning designer who works with clients nationwide, she approaches each project with a fresh eye for the brand’s potential.


When an identity is to be created, we research; we question; we dig. Only then does the design phase begin. When creating a new logo or refreshing an existing logo, Ubel Design has found the best way to initially present concepts to clients is in black and white. Seeing the design in its purest form prevents customers from being distracted by color and allows them to focus on the typography and symbol itself. If a logo does its job in black and white, it will look great in news print and other one-color applications. Once the logo is approved, colors are selected and applied to enhance the design and further strengthen the identity. In the end the essence of the company will be distilled into a unique and memorable symbol that works across an array of mediums that are timeless in its design.

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